Texas State Fair Guide


For first timers to the Texas State Fair here are a couple must do activites. 

1. Go on at least one ride- most people like the "Texas Star Ferris Wheel" I personal love the swing ride

2. Eat a Fletchers Corn Dog- There is a lot of deep fried food at the State Fair and a lot of different corn dogs. Make sure you hold out until you find the Fletchers corn dog. (I don’t like corn dogs and although I still didn’t love my Fletchers, I can still say it was the best corn dog I have eaten.)

3. Get a picture with Big Tex- This 55 foot giant maybe a little intimidating and somewhat creepy but a picture with him is still a must. 

Additional Tips: 

1. Parking- if you park on the main fair grounds you will need cash; they don’t take any other form of payment. I recommend parking around gate 10; it is not as crowded as some of the other entrances. 

2. Tickets- throughout the fair they only take tickets. When you get inside the gates you will see lots of ticket booths where you can buy tickets. To do what I listed above you will need 20 tickets ($10.00). If you want to ride the ferris wheel I recommend at least 25 tickets ($12.50).  

3. When to go- The fair last 4 weeks. I would go on a weekday or if you have to go on a weekend go week 2 or 3. Going the first weekend or last weekend is always really crazy

8 Activities for all Tourist Visiting Austin, TX


I spent all last week in Austin and decided I should create a helpful list of places every tourist should experience when visiting this city. Just a warning you can’t do all of these things in one day. If you are looking for a guide to a single day in Austin, I wrote one here.

8. Visit the State Capital: Austin is the State Capital of Texas, you might as well visit if you are already in Austin. 

7. Eat at the Food Trucks: Austin is known for their food trucks and have hundreds of different options to choose from. Click on the link I provided to see which trucks are near you.

6. Go see the batsThe largest urban bat population in the entire world lives underneath the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin, Texas. Wait until the sunsets and you will see them flying into the night sky.  

5. Shop South Congress: South Congress is where you will find restaurants, boutiques, antiques, music venues, and galleries. 

4. Explore Lady Bird Lake: The lake runs right through the city, and is beautiful. I recommend paddle boarding or kayaking anytime during the day.         

3. Swim at Barton Springs: This is the perfect place to cool off from the heat. Barton Springs is a man-made swimming pool thats water source is from the natural spring. If you go don’t be surprised if you find a fish or two.  

2. Eat at Franklin’s Barbecue: Everyone in Austin goes crazy for this BBQ. If you want to try the best BBQ in Texas, make sure you get in line at 9:00 AM. They sell out before noon everyday. I waited 4 hours to get my BBQ.  

1. Attend Austin City Limits: If you happen to be in town next year for the weekends of October 2nd or October 9th you should consider attending Austin City Limits. It’s a three day music festival with music almost anyone can enjoy. 

I hope you enjoy Austin as much as I do! 

Austin City Limits


This is what a last minute decision to attend Austin City Limits looks like. I’m glad we were able to pull it off.  

Cold Weather


Soaking in this cold weather & enjoying the Dallas skyline for as long as we can. 16 days before our new life in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Happy Birthday to Me!


Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my 25th birthday. It was an incredible day.